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Bullying Prevention and Intervention

HWCDSB Bullying Prevention Intervention and Follow Up Plan-St. Marguerite d'Youville

Bullying Awareness

See section ABOUT OUR SCHOOL for our Bullying Awareness and Prevention plan

Our students participated in a survey about their wellness at school. A total of 229 students, in grades 4 to 8, participated in the survey. This data is extremely valuable in determining our school goals and formulating our wellness/bullying plan. The following are some highlights:

79% of our students reported that they had a high sense of belonging in our school; the Canadian norm is 83%
89% of students reported that they had positive peer relationships (friendships); the Canadian norm is 80%
24% of students in our school reported that they had moderate to high levels of anxiety; the Canadian norm is 16%

22%of students in this school reported that they had been bullied at some point in the school year. Boys reported a higher percentage (25%); the Canadian norm is 68%
55% of students reported feeling safe attending school; the Canadian norm for these grades is 68%
58% of students reported having an adult(s) at school whom they can turn to who consistently provides encouragement and/or advice; the Canadian norm is 49%

74% of students reported positive teacher-students’ relations; the Canadian norm is 79%
85% reported that teachers had high expectations for academic success; the Canadian norm is 87%